Speaking up for all the good landlords in SIDCUP

Landlords often get a bad press, but in this two-minute read, we share some stories of their compassion, generosity, and community spirit.

We work with hundreds of landlords in and around SIDCUP.

And in our experience, most of them are good people, who work hard and care about the way their tenants are treated and the standard of the homes they rent out.

But they are often painted as the villains of the piece and labelled with negative stereotypes like being greedy, uncaring, and arrogant. While there’s no doubt some landlords behave in this way, most of them don’t.

They are just ordinary people trying to make the best of their lives and are respectful of their tenants.

So, to celebrate the good guys and girls who do the right things for their tenants, we’ve rounded up three examples of landlords doing their bit in the face of the biggest crisis we’ve seen since 1945.

In London, two landlords gave their rental properties over to members of the Hillingdon Hospital’s nursing team for free. The two nurses are working in Intensive Care Units and can’t return to their families due to the risk of infection. Similar gestures have been made in other parts of the UK.

We’ve also seen landlords up, down and across your country reducing rent for NHS workers.

And we’ve heard of landlords dropping off care packages of groceries and essential items to tenants who are self-isolating due to the disease.

There are plenty more positive stories out there around how landlords are helping tenants and vice versa.

Good landlords recognise their responsibilities and so do good tenants and indeed good letting agents.

From a rental perspective, the way we will all get through this challenge is by remembering the three C’s. Be caring, co-operate with each other and communicate regularly.

We are advising our landlords and tenants regularly whenever news comes out that affects them.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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