Spare This Room in Your Sidcup Home Some Thought

We look at what you can do with a spare room to ensure you’re making the most out of it in this two-minute read.

Now’s the time to give your spare room some serious thought about how to make the best use of this extra space in your home.

Especially after the past 18 months we’ve all experienced, which have changed the way many people use it.

Below are seven things you can do to create a room that suits your lifestyle and situation.

  1. Home office – Yes, we know you may already be doing this but have you created a workspace that works for you?
  2. Guest room – Now we can have guests overnight again, is it time for you to give yours some TLC with new furniture, a different layout, and some additional little touches like a lovely lamp and bedside cabinet? A decent sofa bed here will give you even more options.
  3. The best of both worlds – If you’re going to sell or rent your property, this next tip is a gem, if space allows. To capture the imaginations of a broader set of people looking to move, create a bedroom with a small desk.
  4. Cinema room – Creating a magical movie room is easier than you think. All you need is a projector, screen, surround sound, and comfortable chairs. Oh, and popcorn, to make film night something you look forward to.
  5. Gym – When it’s chucking it down outside, it can be hard to get motivated to do some exercise. But having the gym a few steps down the hallway can help you keep fit.
  6. Kids stuff – If you have children and feel their toys are waging a covert invasion of every part of your family home, the spare room can be your saviour. Create a playroom where ALL their stuff goes (and hopefully stays).
  7. Dress to impress – If none of the above ideas float your boat, how about creating a dressing room? Yes, it’s a bit Hollywood but if you have the space and like the idea, then why not? It’s your home, after all.

There are plenty of other ways to use a spare room. These include a man cave or damsel’s den, a reading room, or an artist’s studio. If you’re lucky enough to have the blank canvas a spare room provides, make the most of it.

We’ve been advising people to make the most of their Sidcup homes since 1946, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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