It's a Feelgood Friday in SIDCUP

It's the eighth Feelgood Friday since lockdown, and this week we have something for everyone. A two-minute positivity filled read.

As we enter a different phase in life under lockdown, we're starting to feel more positive about the future.

And here's why. Good news is coming in from different sections of our everyday lives.


Public health officials in England have approved a test to see whether people have been infected with coronavirus in the past. This may well be rolled out UK wide. It spots antibodies in people who could now have some level of immunity.


Football fans will be pleased to know the German Bundesliga is restarting this weekend with games in closed stadiums. We're waiting on news from the UK's football and other sporting authorities.


A group of volunteers have been isolating themselves in Scotland to save more than 100,000 native trees from being lost. They are from a charity, Trees for Life, which had its work planting new trees to restore the Caledonian Forest to its ancient glory, threatened by the outbreak. Thanks to the volunteers, the essential work needed is still being done. Tree – menus. (sorry, couldn't resist it).


We're proud to be a part of a group of agents across the UK who donate to national and global community causes every month via something called The Karma Club. It is organised by the estate agency industry supplier the Estate Agent Content Club.

So far, we've played our part in donations to care homes, food banks and youth groups during the outbreak.


Flying the flag, literally, to bring a smile to people's faces is artist Julian Wood.

Julian has created small fabric flags bearing messages of kindness and hope, and he has left them in public places around Bristol to cheer people up.

The messages include 'You're sweet' 'Thank you NHS' and 'You look great.'

Property (Take out if in Wales or Scotland)

Agents across England have been given the green light to get back to work. We're doing precisely that but following the Government's Covid-19 health and safety guidelines thoroughly.

We want our community in SIDCUP to know we are there for them during these surreal times.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe, stay sensible and be kind to each other.

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