As it’s Child Safety Week*, here’s a handy reminder for SIDCUP homeowners about how to keep your precious little ones out of harm’s way.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent or guardian, it’s important to ensure your home is child-proof.

Babies and children are infinitely curious and love climbing on furniture and grabbing and tasting whatever they can get their hands on.

So, here are seven practical tips to reduce the risk of accidents in your home and keep children safe.

  1. Secure furniture and TVs

    Furniture and TV tip-overs are surprisingly common and can cause nasty injuries and, in rare cases, be fatal. Secure furniture to the wall using brackets and ensure TVs are on sturdy bases. If wall mounting isn’t an option, place TVs on low furniture anchored to the wall.

  2. Use safety gates

    If you have young children around, install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs and in the doorways of rooms that are not child-proof. Choose gates that screw to the wall rather than pressure-fit models to ensure they are securely fixed.

  3. Lock away hazardous substances

    Children often mistake brightly coloured dishwasher and washing machine tablets for sweets, so keep all cleaning products out of reach or locked in cabinets. Other hazardous substances, such as medicines and cosmetics, should also be carefully stored away. 

  4. Check window safety

    If you’re in the habit of opening your windows to let the fresh air in, be on your guard. Prevent falls by ensuring windows are not open wide enough for children to climb through. Use window locks or restrictors that prevent windows from opening more than 2.5 inches (6.5 cm). Avoid placing furniture that children can climb on near windows.

  5. Water safety measures

    Never leave children unattended in the bath, and consider setting a water heater thermostat to 48°C to prevent scalding. Ensure ponds or pools are securely fenced off or covered with child-proof nets.

  6. Fire safety

    Test smoke alarms regularly and have an accessible fire extinguisher. 

  7. Corner and edge bumpers

    Soft corner protectors can prevent injuries from falls or bumps against sharp furniture edges and corners. These are especially useful in living areas where children play.

By implementing these measures, homeowners can create a safer, more secure environment that protects children’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

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* Child Safety Week runs from 3 – 9 June.

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