Advice on Choosing a Good Removal Firm in Sidcup

This three-minute read gives you a few ideas to consider when choosing your removal firm in Sidcup.

Getting the right people to help you move home is so important. This means your estate agent, your
conveyancer, and the people that will do the physical heavy lifting. Choosing the right removal firm will make a
big difference, not only on moving day itself, but before, and after, your move.

Reviews and recommendations
A good place to start looking for a removal firm you can trust in Sidcup is to ask people you know. This could be
friends, family, or your property move team, like your estate agent and conveyancer.

After you’ve been signposted to a few companies, it’s time to do some research for yourself. People move home
infrequently so it’s always a good idea to check for recent reviews.

If property professionals have themselves used a particular company when moving home, it’s normally a pretty
good sign that they’re the best.

Do your research
You’ve looked at the reviews on the company website, social media pages, and an independent review site, like
Google Reviews or Trustpilot. There’s a few bad ones but mostly positive. Should you just leave it at that and
book with them? Of course, you could but there are a few more recommended steps to take.

  • Ask the company for some previous customers’ contact details. You can then have a real-life conversation with someone to explore the service they received. If the company decline, that’s a red flag.
  • Ask the company what their insurance policy is. Ask them to send you a copy. This is standard practice so if they have any objections, you know this is another red flag.

Check the Ts & Cs
It’s easy for someone to ping you a quote: “That’ll be £5,000 for your move”. What should also be attached are
their terms & conditions. It’s important that you get these to look through and that you actually read them.

The British Association of Removers have a set that are good. Even better companies will adapt them to their
own requirements.

Extra suggestions
When it comes to arranging a moving date, exchanges and completions can be a moveable feast. One removal
firm we spoke to described it as ‘like juggling jelly’. Find out how good the removal firm is at communicating.

What methods will they use? Email, phone, text, social media? You need to know that they will keep lines of
communication open throughout, what can be, a tense time.

Sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover. It helps if the firm has a clear, concise website and if the staff and
offices are presented tidily. Check their vehicles are clean and in good condition.

Bonus tip
Did you know? Many insurers will be able to extend your existing contents cover. This means that when the
movers are in your home, you’ll have extra cover. It’s always worth taking a ‘belt and braces’ approach.

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