8 Excellent Tips to Make Y...

How to Sell Your SIDCUP Home Quickly: 

8 Excellent Tips to Make Your SIDCUP Home Appeal More to Buyers.

Maximise the selling potential of your home or property without spending a fortune on renovations.

According to a recent study by Rightmove, to ensure that you get the best out of your property, it must attract a higher level of interest than similar homes in your locality within the first 21 days of its listing.

So, what do you do to make your property preferred to the rest?


When listing your home, make sure you attach a fair price as over-pricing could make it difficult to get a buyer. You are solely responsible for the price you list a house for, so make sure the final price used is from an accurate valuation. Get at least two estate agents to help value your property.

Also, browse through a list of homes that were sold recently in your area to ensure that the gap between asking price and sold prices is not too big.


A lot of buyers begin their search online, so both pictures and your property description need to stand out.

Stress to your agent the need to take pictures on a bright day to avoid unclear and dull-looking interiors. You also need to ensure that your home is well arranged and not cluttered.

When the pictures are being taken, try to request for more shots to see if you can get better pictures or better angles. Make sure you use of features such as a perfect fireplace or big windows to your advantage.

Request to read the description before it is listed and suggest any other ideas you think should pass as good selling points. Throw in a personal touch by sharing the best features you love in your home and perhaps (if appropriate) give your reason for wanting to sell and what made you buy the property.


The effect of first impressions cannot be overemphasised. A recent study has shown that a buyer only has to look at a house for just 38 minutes – spread across two viewings – before putting in an offer.

The simplest advice is to clean up the front of your house thoroughly, wash the front door and get a brand new welcome mat. Clean all windows as buyers love to get a feel of the view.

Leave windows open on good days for fresh air to fill the interior, groom or wash pets if there are any, as well as their beds, so they all look good and smell nice.

Get rid of any limescale that might have blocked parts of the shower; buyers always love to have a first-hand feel of the water pressure. This act alone can make a huge difference.

Buyers want to be sure that your home offers enough storage capabilities, so make sure you empty all cupboards that are packed full.

The general advice is to try de-cluttering while still leaving all traces of character intact – helping buyers to imagine the position of every family picture isn't a bad idea.

Some buyers attach a lot of importance to a garden so make sure you mow the lawn correctly, trim trees and cut any bushes. Creating a BBQ area to go with the garden can thrill buyers as they love to see a garden from a social perspective.


If you are with your prospective buyers during the viewing process, be ready to answer questions about property history, including if there has been any major building work, as well as some information about the neighbourhood.

The house itself remains the most crucial factor as far as the selling process is concerned, but details about your neighbourhood make a lot of difference to the buyer when picturing what life in your house would be like.

If you are not interested in taking charge of the entire process yourself, compile a list of frequently asked questions and answers about issues such as the Council Tax band into which your home falls. You may also include the cost, the type of central heating installed and the cost of running it, as well as whether it has private or main drainage.


The most crucial aspect of a sale seems to be the offer stage. So 'being in the know' is critical to having a successful sale. It may not always be the best to jump at a high offer of a few thousand pounds more as it may not worth the pain and stress of a difficult or unsuccessful sale.

Aside from the offer price, another crucial factor to consider is the buyer's position – are they in a chain? If yes, how long is it? It is also critical to qualify if a mortgage has been agreed, or proof of funding if you are dealing with a cash buyer.

It is equally good to get an idea of timescales. These can always be edited at any time, but check to see if the dates suggested initially are okay by you.


Make sure that all blemishes and damp patches are repainted, ensuring that any tiny crack is fixed. But big cracks will need a more comprehensive repair work to reassure the buyer.

Consider replacing all light bulbs to ensure your home is well lit. Soft, white light is seen as the most flattering.


Selling a home represents a massive achievement, but can take up lots of expenses in changes and renovations to prepare for prospective buyers. An expensive renovation may not attract a high asking price. However, pocket-friendly tips, as well as little alterations here and there, can yield fantastic results.


Concentrate on the living area and the kitchen – make it classy but not cluttered in any way. This gives you a whole lot of space and allows you to uncover the best features your home has to offer.

Do not remove all traces of character altogether – ingenious colour splashes and a carefully chosen furnishing can give your property a more stylish perception. Help your potential buyers decide where will be the best fit for their furniture and family items.

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