If you are thinking of renting a property, the following are questions, which you may wish to ask.

Please also look at our 'TENANCY GUIDE' which sets out any fees and other costs involved in renting a property through our Agency. If you have any further questions please contact us.

If you wish to rent a property you will need to complete an APPLICATION FORM for everyone over 18 years old.

How do I find or view properties

Register your requirements with us on line, or telephone or visit our offices so that we can consider your needs and keep you informed of any properties as soon as they come onto the market.

Once you have received details of any suitable properties, our staff will be able to organise a viewing for you and answer any questions you may have.

Why should I Use The Services Of An ARLA Agent?

You will need their experience, professionalism and compliance with ARLA’s bye-laws, regulations, accounting procedures and Professional Indemnity insurance, (which complies with the requirements of the Association’s FIDELITY BOND and protects your rent and deposit. Drewery are members of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). This is an adjudication service for tenants and landlords in the unfortunate event there is a dispute about the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

What Will The Agent Charge Me?

HOLDING DEPOSIT: If you wish to apply to rent a property, you will need to pay a deposit equivalent to one week’s rent. This payment will allow us to proceed with referencing and take the property off the market. In the event that the referencing company reports your references as being unsuitable, you withdraw your application, or take an unreasonable amount of time to provide us with any information required to progress the tenancy, the deposit will be forfeited in order to cover costs including, but not limited to, the following: referencing costs, re-advertising the property, monies in lieu of rent owing to the property being reserved and unavailable to other potential tenants, preparing documents associated with the tenancy etc. The holding deposit is deducted from the first month’s rent when the tenancy commences. We do not charge administration/ referencing fees.

Tenants are strongly advised to have Tenants contents insurance, (which also covers accidental damage to the Landlord's property).

What Monies Will I Need To Find At The Start Of The Tenancy?

Normally one month's rent in advance, plus the deposit (usually five weeks’ rent).

What Is A Tenancy Agreement?

It is a legally binding document between you and the landlord, applicable only to you and the property you are renting. It should state the amount of rent, the length of the fixed term of the tenancy and your rights and responsibilities. Your Agreement will probably be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy under the Housing Act as amended in 1996. For bona fide companies and/or rental values over £25,000 per annum, the agreement will be drawn up under contract law.

What are my responsibilities as the Tenant?

The responsibilities of a tenant will be clearly listed in the tenancy agreement, (this company uses an ARLA approved agreement), and should be carefully read before signing. If there are any items in the tenancy agreement that you do not understand, a member of staff will be happy to explain.

How Long Can I Rent The Property?

This will depend on the circumstances of the Landlord and the Tenant. Usually, most tenancies are for a 12 months initial fixed term, to be reviewed or extended at the end of the term.

What Happens If I Need To Leave Early?

Strictly speaking, the legal tenants cannot escape their liabilities during the full period of the tenancy. In the event of sharing tenants wishing to change one or some of the occupants, (provided the Landlord is in agreement), it may be possible to accept a replacement, if the new tenant is able to comply with current referencing criteria

See also Tenants fees schedule

What Else Do I Pay For?

Utility bills, such as gas, electricity water and telephone, TV licence etc, Council Tax and contents insurance

What Happens At The End Of The Tenancy?

You must leave the property in the condition it was at the start of the tenancy (subject to 'fair wear and tear') otherwise your deposit may be subject to deductions to cover the cost of any cleaning, gardening, damages or missing items.

When Will I Get My Deposit Back?

Usually, a Check Out is undertaken and provided there are no missing items or damage, you deposit will be able to be returned to you shortly after you leave the property.

Who Holds The Deposit?

Normally it is held by the Agent, in a designated Clients Account. That is why it is important to use an agent who complies with the requirements of the ARLA fidelity bond, so that you know it is safe and the correct amount will be returned to you. All deposits held by our company are held under the TDS scheme.(Tenancy Deposit Scheme).